Videos That Will Create Fan Engagement


     Social media is now an essential element of marketing in the music industry whether you’re a DIY artist, an artist with a small independent label, or an artist at a huge major label like Sony.  No matter the status of an artist, it is very important to constantly engage with your fans on social media in order to create a strong base of super fans.

So once you’ve got all of your social profiles created, what do you do next? How exactly do you effectively engage with your followers? According to Ben Sword, the author of “Superfan Building”, engaging with your fans is all about creating “check moves.” The concept of the check move theory is that positive interactions with fans will lead to a stronger connection between the artist and fans which will ultimately result in an active support system of super fans.

Videos are one of the best ways to create “check moves” or positive interactions with your fans. Here are 5 of my favorite forms of video content that will allow you to engage with your fans on a more personal level:

  1. Fan Q&A

Host an online Q&A event with fans where they can ask you anything or answer questions from Twitter or Facebook on video.

  1. Tour Diary

Make a video diary when you’re on tour. Include backstage footage, let fans see what it’s like in the tour bus or van, interesting sightseeing or activities done on off days, and personal thoughts from the artist.

  1. Throwback Music

Make a video of some of your favorite songs from the past. Fans would love to see your musical influences as an artist.

  1. Covers

Make videos performing cover versions of your favorite songs.

  1. “Cribs” Tour

Like MTV Cribs, make a video that shows your fans around your house or home town. You can show fans important places in your career such as where your band got together or where you performed your first gig.

In addition to these, there are several different ways to create video content that will lead to more positive engagement with your fans. For more ideas, click here on the link below:

Whether you’re a brand new artist trying to build a fan base or an established artist that already has a fan base, it is very important to constantly engage with your fans in order to keep them interested and create super fans. Videos are such a great way to initiate positive interactions with your fans. In order to see results, you must consistently interact with your fans and create new posts. If you start by at least posting a new video once a week, you will gradually see results of growth of positive fan interaction.


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