Google Launches YouTube for Artists


Google’s latest launch “YouTube for Artists”, is a new video sharing website that’s specifically designed for DIY musicians. YouTube for Artists gives musicians access to several resources to help them promote their work and allows them connect with fans by using insight tools. It also includes tips on how to engage fans, how to gain revenue, and how to get discovered. If you are a self- promoted DIY artist, this is definitely for you. Here are some of the main features that it offers:

  • Tips, Tricks, and Tools– This is an expanded “how to” section that offers users a variety of guides including a “Master the Basics” guide for beginners and sections on video optimization and algorithms. It offers tips on how to engage your fans and a guide to YouTube Analytics so you can use your video stats to better understand your fans.
  • Music Insights- Launching soon, music insights is a new feature that provides analytic tools to help artists track results. This will allow artists to find fan-uploaded videos of performances and track where their videos are being watched.
  • Fan Funding- This allows fans to show support by donating any amount of their choice to help fund you as an artists, whether it be funding to support an upcoming tour or to finish a new EP.
  • Grow On and Off YouTube- Google offers users many other opportunities including free studio space at the YouTube studios and a chance to be a part of the annual YouTube Awards. They have also partnered with SiriusXM radio which will allow music from YouTube’s emerging artists to be featured on air.

Overall, I think YouTube for Artists is a great tool. Whether you’re looking to further engage your fans, gain a bigger following, or a better way to gain revenue, YouTube for Artists has several resources that will help you accomplish these goals. If you are a DIY artists, you should definitely take advantage of this new site. To check out the new site for yourself, click on the link below:


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